What is said by rjf Clients

Trey Lawson

"I have known Riki for a little over a year and I have been constantly impressed. He has always been open to helping others and inspiring people to reach their goals. I reached out to Riki after I graduated from Appalachian and began my career as a real estate broker. Beginning the typical 9-5 job had its struggles and I was in a workout plateau. Going into the gym and not having a  set plan was NOT the way to go. Once I hired Riki he built be a specific plan to make my goals happen. I wanted to build lean muscle mass and gain strength along the way. 12 weeks later, I built muscle and set multiple personal records in the gym. Riki checked in weekly and motivated the entire time. Thanks for all the support Riki!!" 

Cullen Lee

​"Over the past year, I’ve seen my life go from one of the lowest points all to way to some of my highest points. Throughout high school, I only really enjoyed playing video games. I gained around 25 lbs my junior year of high school and always felt terrible. College came around, and I wanted to change my life. The first couple months of college I wasn’t sure about lifting, so all I did was go to shoot basketball and run. I’ve always wanted to lift weights, but I honestly was a bit scared to start. The fear of not knowing what to do always lingered in my mind. I found a group of friends in my dorm, and I began to learn from them. At this actual time, I was only going to the gym to have fun with my friends. I realized around a month in that I enjoyed lifting weights and learning. I started to realize that I wanted to take this more serious around March, so this was when I emailed Riki. He has helped me so much, and I can’t thank him enough for that. Whenever I’ve had a question to ask he has always taken the time out of his day to answer and explain it! I’ve seen so much improvement while being a client of Riki. He is honestly one of the most hard working generous people I know. He will get you to your goal no matter what! I'm so glad to call him my coach, trainer, friend, and my mentor. I can’t wait to keep working with him and see the progress we both make in the future!"

Jacques Debeuneure Jr.

"The ANBF show in Lenoir was my first ever competition, so I had no idea of what to expect. I was always full of questions and as the show came nearer, I became even more inquisitive. Even with myself and another client loading him up with phone calls and texts about prep and peak week, Riki remained patient and found a way to support us both in a time of high pressure.
I am certain that my backstage experience would have been much more stressful without his helping hand. He went above and beyond as a coach and as a supportive friend. Not only did he hook me up with my pre-show snack, but he also brought all of his equipment to help us prepare back stage, and ran to walmart when I realized that I forgot my headphones. These may seem like minuscule details to someone viewing from the outside, but for me, it made all the difference.
It was great to have someone push me beyond the limits of what I thought I was capable of, and I couldn't have asked for a better coach."

-Jacques won his ANBF Pro Card at the ANBF Mountaineer Competition in June 2016!

Alexa Hostetler

"There are so many things I could say about Riki that I hardly know where to begin. I have been into lifting weights and fitness since my junior year of highschool, but was not all together with it 100%. My diet was not great and I was not knowledgeable about what exactly I was doing. I met Riki at Lifetime Fitness when I recognized him from our school gym (Appalachian State) and we became good friends. I admired his work ethic, drive, and determination and watched as he competed and transformed himself and I immediately had a thirst to do the same. I began joking around with him saying “maybe I should compete” and he looked at me and said “lets do it.” Riki made me completely fall in love with the sport of bodybuilding. The discipline, the struggle, the success, I love it all and it is amazing to share that with Riki. We started off by bulking me up and putting on some mass which I was very uncomfortable with, but it all paid off. From there, we started a 17 week competition prep leading to my very first Figure competition.
In the beginning when I first started lifting, I always had goals that I never thought I could accomplish, and now, I thirst for the stage and the discipline, and I look at myself in the mirror and can’t even believe it is me I am looking at. This is all because of Riki. Even on my worst days of doubting myself and questioning what he is saying, Riki continues to encourage and support me. He never has given up on me and continues to be 100% by side as we make future plans and as I continue with transforming myself. I have never met a more knowledgeable person with such a love for the sport, and I could not be more thankful that Riki is my coach and friend.
The number one thing Riki taught me was that you are truly capable of anything, “respect the process, and you will receive the progress,” is what he continues to remind me daily. Nothing worth having comes easy, but with Riki as a coach you will never feel alone in whatever you are striving to achieve. Whether you are seeking him for competiton prep, weight loss, bulking, etc, he will be there for you 100%.

hayden richardson

"I met Riki about a year or so ago. Him being on his own fitness journey, and me being on mine. I was eager to learn from Riki and train alongside him since we were both attending Appalachian State University at the same time. A few months after befriending my man with the plans he strongly encouraged me to compete in the ANBF men's physique class as he would be making his first appearance in the men's bodybuilding class. Riki provided me with more than the necessary 'keys for success' and it ultimately led to me receiving first place and winning my pro card for the men's physique class. In just one week I went from conscious dieting to a gram for gram peak week in order to prep for the competition. Since then I have been able tweak my macros to accompany my training goals. Thank you Riki for all you've taught me and the knowledge that has aided my current and future accomplishments. This is THE most motivated and determined individual that is a part of my life as well as countless others."
Hayden won BOTH of his classes in Novice and Overall for the 2015 ANBF Men's Physique and now is a ANBF Physique Pro!

Luiji Massanga

"My sophomore year in school, I remember sitting a few seats from this mad cool kid from Cleveland in a HARD psychology class. I ended up passing that class somehow, and in the process I gained a new friend through the struggle. A hard working diligent man named Riki. I remember seeing him in the gym shortly after that semester, ALL THE TIME. I ended running into him once and asking for a few pointers. At the time I wasn't too serious about it, but after a while I emailed him asking him for a full Plan. Shortly after graduating school I got on his plan. I bulked for a few weeks, then cut for definition. Never in my life had I found myself so happy with a transformation physically. I ended up signing a modeling contract the very last week of my cutting and splitting regiment, with a HUGE upcoming January including a few shoots and a runway shows. RikiJonesFitness isn't only my coach, but my brother, and I'll be the first to say that I'm extremely proud of my family doing such amazing things in the field they have a passion for. He's helped me achieve the first step of my goals, and I'm extremely grateful for a brother like him in my life."

-Luiji is now an upcoming model in New York City and models for a few companies!!

​John Jackson

"Fitness has always been an important part of my life. I began weightlifting in high school, but veered away from it upon coming to college. During my sophomore year I rediscovered my passion for weightlifting and spent my time focusing Olympic weightlifting. The aspect I lovemost about weightlifting and fitness is the fact that there is no end point for personal goals. There is always something to improve on or a new challenge to tackle. There are many people in the world who would do anything to be able to go running, lift weights, or just go hiking, but can’t due to their state of health. I’ve always strived to push my body to its limits, because God has blessed me with great health. In January 2016, I decided to take on my greatest challenge in fitness yet, and compete in a bodybuilding show. It was something I knew I could do but only if I truly put my mind to it and had the right guidance. I have seen Riki Jones in the gym and how radiant his passion for fitness is. Seeing his constant drive towards bettering himself and others made me know that he was the only guy that could help me achieve my goal. Riki was more than a coach to me. Our time together over the past four months has led us to become no only great friends, but also brothers. From drilling me about things I needed to change, to being to only friend I could talk (whine) to, he was by my side the entire time. Riki opened my eyes to what fitness really is and how humbling the process is. His teachings and guidance will remain with me as I continue down the road. I am truly blessed to have this man in my life".
John placed 3RD in a tough class for NPC Muscle Max in Virginia!

Cam Haas

"I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in August of 2015. Having already had a pretty relaxed and lazy summer, my complacency worsened as the new kid in town with no new group of friends or support system. By mid-September, I had reached a weight that was far beyond what I had ever been and I knew something had to change. Not only did I need to pick myself up off the couch and go make friends, I needed to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Riki and I had gone to school together, and had met through mutual friends. I reached out to him in desperation; I needed to start a program to get my life on track. Riki was able to formulate a regimen that fit my busy schedule working in the music industry and one that allowed some flexibility in calorie intake. His program changed my outlook on health, accountability, and fitness. He equipped me with the necessary tools to lead a healthy life wherever I am!"

-Cam started from 192lbs and now he is a 173/waist went from a 34 to a 30!

CJ Amlin

"I first met Riki back in college while we both attended BGSU. He was a very personable individual that enjoyed life for what was to him. Well as time went by I was seeing post on social media about his life altering transformation both physically & mentally. He got involved in weight lifting because he wanted to make a change to his lifestyle. He wanted to live healthy and understand what it meant to be healthy and in shape. As I saw more and more photos and status updates, I then started to become more motivated myself in trying to live the same lifestyle. When I moved out and back on my own, I was lifting weights as much as I could but not seeing any results. So I reached out to Riki and asked for help. At first I was embarrassed because I had been lifting weights since I was 14 and started to notice I was going no where with it and not gaining much muscle definition as well.  After Riki sent me a meal plan and some workout tips I was extremely excited for the new journey. When I started, I weighed 196 and in 10-12 weeks I dropped down to 176.  I was lifting harder, getting stronger and eating better.  Riki gives you tools that do nothing but set you up to succeed, he helps you understand every step of the body transformation process all the way from the very exercise you do for a muscle all the way to different recipes, proteins, a types of foods. When you reach out to Riki he doesn’t  give you 100% ,he goes above and beyond to make sure your on the right track, and if you aren’t he will adjust accordingly to get you to your goals one way or another. The best thing about this is that he bestows a life changing/altering concept that one day will catch on like wild fire and its “strive for greatness”. It’s a phrase he uses that constantly allows you to remember why your on this journey and for what purpose does it hold.  This is someone that you will respect and appreciate the moment you reach out and accept his challenge to you. This guy has my respect and love as a brotha, and I will always turn to him for advice to help me succeed in my ultimate goal in reaching for the stars."

Sophia Mangino

"When I started working with Riki my whole plan was to try and bulk up. I was only 122 Ibs and while I was very lean, I wasn't the size I wanted to be. My problem was that when it came to eating more, I got completely freaked out over the idea of getting too fat. Working with Riki was great for me mostly because of the nutritional help that he gave me. I was always good at working out but I needed someone to give me daily goals of how much I should eat so that I could actually add more mass. By the time we were done, 8 weeks later, I weighed in at 136 Ibs. It was fun working with Riki, but be ready to put in the commitment because that's the only way you will see results."

Shea Strittmather

"I reached out to Riki when I was pretty much at my lowest. I had a coach and experience with counting macros before but I was not happy with my experience. With Riki,  everything felt natural and I was comfortable talking to him about my struggles & my body. He was always so helpful and motivating. I could literally text him at anytime and it wouldn't be a problem. Over my 6 week coaching period with him, I lost almost 20 pounds and 2 pant sizes! Riki gave me the tools and support I needed to change my body, build my confidence and most importantly - helped me not only over 6 weeks, but to change my lifestyle."

Timothy Campbell

"When I first contacted Riki, I was in a hard spot, weighing the most I had ever weighed. After graduating college, and starting my first big boy job, I had fallen victim to packing on the extra pounds that everyone in an office job knows about. My diet was terrible, as I had been eating out more than ever for lunch, and also eating the company sponsored lunches each week, including pizza, pasta, subs, and tacos. I contacted Riki as I needed a change not only in my diet, but in my workout routine. The bulk had to end and the cut needed to commence. Reaching out to Rik was the best thing I could have done. He sent me over a personalized diet plan with the exact amount of calories I should be eating daily. He broke it down into five different meals per day and even sent me over a list of some apps for my phone that tracked how many calories each meal had. On top of this, he sent me over a workout plan that was focused on losing weight (not bulking as most workout plans aim for) including different workouts for each body part. 
I really started following this workout plan and diet plan in February of 2014. I started this at about 187 pounds. After three months, I was down to 174 pounds. The pictures below are from February and then from May of 2014. I finally felt my body was where I wanted it once again, with the help of Riki and his wonderful diet/workout plan. Thank you to Riki for all of his help, and I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to cut some weight and feel confident with their body!"

Chris Denison

"First I would like to say that every single person reading this post is capable of accomplishing their fitness goals.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, build lean mass, or cut weight for a competition, Riki will provide ALL the necessary tools and MORE.  I was lucky enough to attend college with Riki and witness his work ethic on a firsthand basis.  THIS GUY KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT.  Riki will give you everything you need to reach your goals.  However, it is up to YOU to remain dedicated throughout the process.  I followed every step I was provided and I got the results I wanted.  I went from weighing 155lbs to 175lbs in 8 weeks and this was done through diet and exercise.  I didn't take creatine or some ridiculous mass gainer that had enough sugar to give you diabetes.  I had a structured meal plan that Riki customized for me every week.  My results are a true reflection of precise, guided instructions that I simply followed.  Riki was more than available to answer any questions I had throughout the process.  If you are ready to make the commitment to reach your fitness goals you are at the right place."

Zack Pruitt

"I've been an athlete my entire life. I've always been physically fit. Last spring, I had several issues come up in school and in life. I lost sight of my fitness. My weight increased from 180 lbs to 208 lbs. Everyday I would look in the mirror and hate what I saw, which left me very self-conscious. Over the summer I saw a post about Riki's own transformation and I was inspired to make a change.

I contacted Riki and explained my situation. He was very understanding and told me about his fitness training program. When he explained it, I could tell he was confident in his product. I followed Riki's plan for 12 weeks and lost 37 lbs. I now weigh 171 lbs. I am so much more confident and happy with myself! I cannot thank Riki enough for everything he did. He inspired me and gave me the knowledge I needed to make a change. The best part about this, is this will not be a temporary change. I learned how to eat right and be efficient in the gym. The time with Riki changed my life. I can honestly say if you put in the work, the results will be amazing!"

Katie Wilson

"I learned a lot working with Riki during my six weekend workout and diet plan! My goal was to get out of the 150s, and this goal was very difficult for me to achieve. Luckily, Riki made his workouts challenging and fun, which was a nice change from what I am accustom to! Riki was consistent during my training and checked in with me weekly, every week tweaking my diet plans as well and my exercise regimen. I hit a few plateaus along the way, but Riki did not give up. He continued to make diet changes, to push me past this last hurdle. What was originally 6 weeks turned into 8 weeks (2 weeks of coaching bonus), due to the fact that Riki wanted to make sure I met my goals! And I did! Thank you so much Riki Jones, I recommend his services to anyone needing the extra push to get your fitness journey rolling!"


Matthew Glynn

"I started working out when my friend finally convinced me, in high school. I was a small dude, 5’9”… around 130 lbs. I remember when I first noticed a tiny dip in my chest, I was ecstatic. Throughout the years, I kept learning more and more about working out and things I needed to take and what I needed to avoid. By the time I moved to Boone in January of 2016, I was 160 lbs and had much more size and bulk. However, I told myself I wanted to look bigger and went on a mission to gain even more weight, but it wasn’t clean weight. By the summer I was 173 lbs and completely unsatisfied with myself. I was stuck in a repetitive cycle of working out, doing the same ol’ workouts everyday, and eventually I wanted a change. I contacted Riki in August, met up with him a few days later, then training started THE VERY NEXT DAY. He whipped up a killer workout routine that my body did not recognize and pushed me to my limits. He also provided a meal plan and amazing recipes that would help me stay on track. Riki is constantly making sure that you are reaching your goal and helping you every step of the way. He asked me to check in with him twice a week and was always checking on me to see if I was doing well mentally and physically. My coaching was originally 12 weeks, but ended up extending into the holidays because he doesn’t just want you to reach your goal, he wants you to maintain that goal. Thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me!"

Jessica Shea Venable

"I just want to say thank you so much! Not only did your training help me lose weight and gain muscle, but it got me into a rhythm of exercising and pushing myself on a daily basis. I'm SO much stronger now! I can do 3 sets of 5 pull ups and before I struggled only doing one. Not only that, but I got away from eating foods that were unhealthy for me and ended up changing my diet completely. I found that I absolutely LOVE Being a pescatarian, but truthfully I lean more towards a vegetarian diet eating fish on the occasion. I drink water all the time now. It's actually pretty rare I drink anything else. And  I love how I look and how I feel! So full of energy and so strong! And it's only going up from here because the program isn't just a body transformation, it's a lifestyle transformation. Thank you so much for everything!"

Addison Haddad

"I started working with Riki a few weeks after I got engage and I realized that I needed to get into better shape before my wedding and honeymoon. Before talking with Riki, I was no stranger to the gym. I played sports in high school and worked out every now and then in college but my bad eating habits and metabolism was catching up to me. I needed help, guidance, and accountability and I found all that in Riki. He knew that I knew my way around the gym and he knew the goals that I had. So based on those facts he tailored a fitness plan that would help me the most (focusing more on how to eat right and less on what to do in the gym). 
When I started my training I weighed 185lbs and had little to no muscle definition. Now after the training I am fluctuating from 165lbs to 170lbs and I am now in the best shape I have been in since high school. It was not easy though giving up some of the foods I craved but I also quickly learned that I felt and looked better when I did not eat fast food all the time. But Riki also taught me that you can eat just about anything you want as long as you do it in moderation! 
I do not regret and never will I regret my decision to work with Riki because I know there is no way that I would ever be where I am now and I would never be able to continue to grow without everything that he taught me."